Other Applications for Artificial Grass

The possibilities for using plastic grass are endless. Artificial grass is ideal for use in times where ordinary grass would need extra special care to grow, but also for creative purposes! Next 2 Nature can also save you maintenance time on your vacation, when you own a recreational vehicle.










Be Creative with Artificial Grass

There are many more things you can do with Next 2 Natural, you can even coat your furniture, car or walls with fake plastic grass! Make a nice fake grass carpet for your children’s room or use it for decorating an presentation stand.

Hotels and Artificial Grass

Many hotels already use artificial grass in their garden and around the swimming pools. Think of the sub-tropical conditions near the Mediterranean. Often, hotels are not allowed to irrigate, in order to save water. With artificial plastic grass for hotels, there will always be a perfectly green garden, while saving on water consumption.  Also, they save a lot on maintenance!


Artificial Grass for Your Vacation Home

Do you own a vacation home? If you do, you will know that garden upkeep can be a major problem. You have to mow the lawn, spray the grass, etc. Nine times out of ten, your vacation will start with chores around the garden. Our solution: lay artificial plastic grass around your vacation residence and relaxation can start as soon as you arrive! Your lovely green grass will remain lovely and green, without the inconvenient upkeep of ordinary grass.

With its perfectly kept appearance, the permanently green Next 2 Nature artificial grass will add a touch of class to your second home or recreation site. You don’t have to fear discoloration, because of the UV warranty that applies to Next 2 Natural fake grass. No matter how hot the sun, or how arid the climate, Next 2 Natural will remain beautifully green. And we know, because we have tested Next 2 Natural in the hottest, driest spots in the world.




Artificial Grass Recreation Vehicle Sites

Plastic grass is ideal for a camping site. Create a clean and maintenance free green area at your camp site. It can be used safely by your children and pets. Even when it rains, they will not bring mud in your vehicle anymore. That is what we call a hassle free vacation.


Pet Friendly Artificial Lawn


 Do you have a cat or a dog? No problem at all. Pets just love fake grass. Of course you need to clean the grass more often but that is all. You do not have to be afraid for digging because dogs just will not do that anymore. Artificial grass is pet proof and very pet friendly.