Artificial Grass for Your Playgrounds


Playgrounds in residential areas and schools are used very intensely, especially when they have challenging playground equipment for children to climb on. Natural grass will usually not survive rough playground treatment and requires a large amount of maintenance.

Artificial grass for playgrounds is an excellent alternative and enables children to enjoy playing in an environment created especially for them. Artificial grass for playgrounds is multi-functional, take a look at our examples of play areas.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

When used and abused, the charm of natural grass quickly disappears and what remains is a hard patch of earth worn bare from being trampled on that can easily get muddy.  This is not exactly fun for children to play on and usually means their games move to diffferent areas in public spaces. Artificial grass for playgrounds is an excellent low-maintenance alternative. Next 2 Natural makes various types of artificial grass and turf especially for playgrounds and playing fields. They are easy to maintain and require little work. They save time and money, and are the perfect solution for allowing children to play outside all year round.

Playground Flooring Advice

A playground is, without a doubt, subjected to rougher treatment than your standard lawn. Continuous ‘trampling’ will take a heavy toll on the lifespan of artificial grass. We have taken this into account and supply various artificial turf systems for playgrounds that have been especially designed to withstand the roughest treatment.
Whether you are looking for a solution for public spaces where children can kick a ball around, outdoor areas of child day care centers or for keeping the ground under swings and slides clean, Next 2 Natural has the appropriate artificial grass product.

Let Us Advise You

Choosing the right top layer of artificial turf for playgrounds can be difficult because multiple factors play a role. An objective comparison between the different types of artificial grass is needed to be able to make the right decision that takes the purpose and how the play area will be used into account. Please contact us for advice.

Characteristics of Next 2 Natural for Playgrounds

  • Looks like natural grass, but in a better condition: no holes, no mud, fast drying, always invitingly green.
  • A safe all-weather playground in the summer and winter.
  • Minimum maintenance: does not need mowing, watering or fertilizing.
  • No problems with pollen allergies (hay fever).
  • Safe surface under play equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly solution.
  • No horrible rubber smell.
  • Children simply love it!