Artificial Grass for Your Balcony, Terrace or Patio

Artificial grass is the perfect floor for your balcony doing away with that boring concrete. Turn your balcony into an attractive atmosphere with Next 2 Natural artificial patio grass. It will make your balcony look very beautiful. Next 2 Natural is the ideal green decking cover, offering you great satisfaction for many years to come. The surface of a balcony or terrace is mostly flat (concrete, asphalt and other hard surfacing), so installation of patio grass is very simple. Usually you can order the artificial turf in one piece. Just unroll the carpet and your decking cover is ready! Please notice if you want to install artificial grass over concrete that it must be very even.



Drain the Rain


It is important that the water drainage is good. Fortunately, most balconies are constructed in a way to allow water drainage to run-off. It is not good for the patio grass carpet when the bottom remains wet all the time. Also drainage tiles are an ideal underlay because they are designed to collect and redirect water away to eliminate problems with artificial turf.

You can also unroll artificial grass on a wooden decking on your terrace or balcony. Make sure the joints between each pair of boards is small in order to avoid visibility of the patio grass. Keep in mind that the wood deck under the artificial grass can hardly dry, so the water drainage must be perfect (if not, the wood deck can start to rot).

Perfect for Patios

Normally, a patio is used very intensively for dining, relaxation and gatherings with family and friends. Patios are usually made of a hard surface; paved, made of concrete, gravel, flagstone or other materials. We think artificial turf grass is very suitable for a patio. It can be used safely and creates a friendly and relaxed environment.