Artificial Grass

Next 2 Natural can be Used Anywhere!

Do you have a north-facing garden? Does garden maintenance give you nightmares? Are you dealing with extreme drought? If so, then artificial grass is the contemporary solution to your gardening problem. Artificial grass is also a beautiful and practical alternative for balconies and roof terraces: enjoy the wonders of nature in the comfort of your own home without the hassle. Next 2 Natural artificial grass has a natural appearance and feels wonderfully soft to walk on, even barefoot.


Be inspired by Next 2 Natural. The possibilities are endless.


Garden Grass

A beautiful and well maintained lawn, year after year. Very suitable in extreme drought, mossy or shady environments. Children and pets love it as well!

Artificial Garden Grass »

Balcony, Terrace and Patio

Add color and atmosphere to your balcony or patio. Walk on Next 2 Natural with bare feet, enjoy the nice weather on a perfectly green terrace.

Patio and Balcony Grass »


Roof Garden

Enjoy a year-round green roof terrace, maintenance free. More time to spend on more important things.

Roof Garden Grass »

Playgrounds with Artificial Grass

A safe all-weather playground in the summer and winter. Looks like natural grass, but in a better condition with no holes, no mud and fast drying. Artificial grass is always invitingly green.

Playground Flooring Surfaces »

Indoor or Decorative

Artificial grass is often used as decoration for offices and exhibitions. Be creative: it can even be used in your child’s bedroom…turn it into a jungle!

Artificial Grass Carpet »

Public Landscaping

Next 2 Natural is suitable for places where ordinary grass will normally not grow. It’s a low-cost and environmentally friendly solution because it doesn’t need water and practically no maintenance. Durability guaranteed.

Landscaping with Artificial Grass »


Other Applications

Take a look at more possibilities for using Next 2 Natural artificial grass.

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