Will Next 2 Natural Artificial Grass Remain Green?



Will it Discolor or Fade From Sunlight?




Next 2 Natural is made with the best quality coloring agents and UV stabilizers. As a result, UV radiation has no effect whatsoever on the color of the grass. No matter how much sun, rain, hail, or snow your artificial grass lawn has to endure, it will remain attractive, our artificial grass doesn’t fade. We have tested our artificial grasses for color-fastness and UV resistance under extreme circumstances. From the hot deserts of Arizona to the humid conditions of Florida, our artificial grass has proven its worth. Thanks to 35 years of extensive research on the UV resistance of grass fibers under highly demanding circumstances, such as intensive sports use, Next 2 Natural can give an 8 to 11-year warranty on color-fastness for all types of artificial turf.