Why Buy Artificial Grass at an Authorized Dealer?



We advise you to buy artificial grass at an authorized Next 2 Natural dealer for the following reasons.


  • This is the only way we can assure you that you will get Next 2 Natural in your garden and not another inferior fake grass product. For an inexperienced person, it very difficult to see the difference between artificial grass products when they are brand-new from the factory. After a while you will know. You will see the difference between superior and inferior quality. Advice: If you prefer your own landscaping company to do the job, and it is not an authorized dealer, ask for confirmation of origin of the artificial grass. Make sure you get the quality in your garden you have paid for.


  • Next 2 Natural comes with an average of 8 year UV-warranty. Authorized dealers keep a track record of the artificial grass they sell and install. The sales figures are put down in our system and will be stored for at least 10 years.


  • When you choose an artificial lawn, you are choosing a complete package. Not just the top layer, but all the necessary materials have been developed and tested especially for Next 2 Natural. Our authorized dealers know that it is not advisable to use other glues, seam tape and filler material as advised by Next 2 Natural.


  • Installing artificial grass is a specialty job to be performed by an experienced installer. After all, you will be looking at your artificial lawn for many years. In choosing Next 2 Natural, you are choosing impeccable quality. Why choose impeccable quality if it isn’t expertly laid?  Our dealers have the training, experience and tools to do a professional job.