What is the Effect or Artificial Lawns for the Environment?


Environmental considerations play an important role in the decision to use artificial grass. Artificial turf is kind to the environment. Installing artificial turf means no more mowing, fertilizing, watering and equally as important, no more chemicals for lawn upkeep. In the United States, a number of subsidy schemes are available to promote the use of artificial turf, largely due to the water savings achieved. The ban on plasticizers and heavy metals in the production of artificial grass is safeguarded by strict environmental standards (DIN 18035-7 concerning the leaching of heavy metals). Low maintenance: artificial grass does not grow and therefore does not need to be mowed with an electric mower. This results in zero energy costs and zero harmful emissions. Water savings: artificial grass does not need valuable drinking water. Sustainability: artificial grass has a long life span – depending on the quality chosen. Choosing a durable artificial grass product ultimately means less waste and a reduced need for recycling. 


Reduced Water Use

From an environmental perspective, the potential for water savings is probably the most significant benefit of artificial turf. Next 2 Natural needs no irrigation to stay green. The only times that water will be needed for the artificial grass is when it becomes necessary to clean it. 


Reduces Pesticides and Fertilizer

Since Next 2 Natural needs no regular chemical treatment, it eliminates a major source of groundwater pollution and human exposure to chemicals. For residential applications, an artificial lawn also offers the benefit of reducing the amount of chemicals and dirt tracked into homes.

Next 2 Natural chemical-free care may make it especially appropriate for children, because children spend more time than adults in close contact with grass, and they are affected more severely by contact with pesticides.


Safe for People and Environment

Next 2 Natural fibers do not contain any plasticizers or heavy metals, making this turf entirely safe for both people and the environment. We guarantee that the fibers comply with the strictest standards. There are no dangers known by having artificial grass in your garden.