Green Stains

Does this sound familiar? Your kids are wearing their brand new clothes or something straight from the washer. You’re ready to go to a party, but first your kids can play outside as long as they are careful. 
Before you know it, they are back….

They slipped and fell on the grass. Nothing serious, they are not hurt. But then you see the green spots on the knees. Aargh.

Of course, you understand. They are young and they should be able to play outside. But that doesn’t mean this is not annoying.

Don’t you agree?

The most frustrating thing is that those grass stains are hard to remove. And we mean extremely hard. 

With an artificial lawn there is no risk of grass stains on the knees anymore. Your kids can wear their new outfits and you can let them can still play on the lawn, make slides, romp around or annoy the dog.

Afterwards, your kids will still be able to go that party stain free!