Can My Family and Pets Play on Next 2 Natural?




Next 2 Natural is nice and soft. Children will enjoy playing and crawling on it. And after a downpour, Next 2 Natural will not remain wet for long. Also artificial grass is not slippery when wet. After a short time, the kids can go out again and play, and you will not have to worry about them getting muddy or wet. And artificial grass and the sand filler are absolutely harmless, even if eaten by small children.







Artificial grass sports fields were specially designed for playing sports. Football, for instance, requires a different type of grass than tennis. Sports grass does not necessarily have to look natural and can even be blue or orange in color. Next 2 Natural artificial grass was developed for decorative purposes. Of course, you can play ball games on it if you like, or have your children run around on it, but Next 2 Natural is not suitable for official sports purposes. This has to do with the requirements that playing fields have to meet.


A fall-safe artificial surface is artificial grass that is installed on top of a shock-absorbing foundation. This is a requirement for playing equipment in public spaces, but more and more private individuals are also choosing to have a shock-absorbing mat installed under playing or climbing equipment.


Artificial turf comes in numerous types. The chemical composition of the synthetic materials used determines its level of skin friendliness and if you will get sliding burns from artificial grass. This is something we have learned from the sports industry (artificial turf for football). The synthetic material we use is the most sliding-friendly available and is pleasant to the touch, but of course is not entirely comparable to the characteristics of natural grass.







Swimming pools can be placed on your artificial lawn without worry. Plastic and inflatable pools are acceptable as well. After all, the grass will not discolor or die. However, the fibers will be flattened after having a heavy weight press down on them all summer. Brushing the fibers afterwards will return them to their upright position. When placing an inflatable pool, make sure that the foundation is strong enough to hold the extra weight!







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Your pets will love our artificial grass as well. You will find that your dogs really appreciate the clean and dry lawn when they stretch out on it. Dogs can play on artificial grass without a problem. Just make sure the grass cover is securely attached so that it does not move, and that it has a durable supporting surface.


Next 2 Natural Turf is dog-friendly and perfectly dog-proof, even if they accidentally answer nature’s call. The grass will not be discolored by it. However, to maintain proper hygiene and prevent urine smell, you should rinse with water and remove any droppings before they are spread into the lawn. After removal, rinse with clean water. Always remove hard dog droppings and make sure they are not pushed down into the artificial grass lawn. Obviously, the lawn should not be used as a dog walking area.